The key to a satisfied life, is to never be satisfied where you are,
for as long as you are alive.

TATSU can mean Rise and Dragon in the Japanese language.  Sapphire is the gemstone for royalties.

A specially selected Ceylon Sapphire of 1ct or above in oval cut shall be used as the center stone of the TATSU Ring.   TATSU is designed with two Diamond halos, one of which immediately surrounds the Sapphire, the other, using larger Round Brilliant Diamonds, is separated by 8 symmetrical lines made from Gold.

The number “8” is considered an auspicious number and also derived from royalties in Japan.

1.0ct Sapphire (or above)
Round Brilliant Diamonds DE/VS
18K White Gold

$88,800 or above
Based on the quality and rarity of the Sapphire

Currently private showings are done once a year. Please contact us to be qualified for private showings.

WEST: New York City, USA
EAST: Taipei, Taiwan

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