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The Story of KOHN

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``The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.``
- Lao-tzu

KOHN is the given name of Kohn Liu.  It was given by the Government of the United States.  When Mr. Liu was born in Phoenix, Arizona, his mother had gone to the local passport agency to have his US Passport issued.  Upon hearing the Chinese pronunciation of his Chinese name, the agent had issued the corresponding English equivalent word as “Kohn.”

Perhaps it is in this sense we can come to the conclusion that KOHN was never a choice.  Rather, the decision had already been determined.


A Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

On November 15th, 2017, an image of a 5.57ct Fancy Intense Pink Diamond with VVS1 clarity was sent to KOHN's cellphone, thus started KOHN's selling of the world's finest fancy colored diamonds to his private clients in the United States and Taiwan.
3 briefcases of pink diamonds

A Private Viewing

By 2018 KOHN was able to accumulate enough credibility to conduct his first private viewing of the finest high jewelry to his private customers in Taiwan. Supported by different suppliers with origins from India, Israel, and Hong Kong, KOHN conducted his private viewing in the Taipei's W Hotel and other private locations.

Jadeites, a Ruby, and Diamonds

In the winter of 2020, KOHN had conducted another private viewing, selling a 5ct Mozambique Ruby along with other jewelry pieces to a customer. By her request, KOHN used her collection of loose jadeite and ruby stones to create a bracelet using onyx, diamonds, and gold. The bracelet was named ``Jadeite Bodhi Bracelet,`` as both KOHN and his customer were active Buddhist practitioners.
The First Drop from Heaven

Birth of Eve's Flame

In the beginning of 2021, KOHN was commissioned to create a pendant using a 2ct Ceylon Pink Sapphire. The design motif was in reference to the Biblical character Eve, but in reverse of her falling act. To ascend instead, ``The First Drop from Heaven,`` as the design concept was based upon, gave birth to Eve's Flame⁠— using a Pink Sapphire, Diamonds, and 18K Rose Gold, in a contemporary-classic setting.
Believe in Love


Currently private showings are done once a year. Please contact us to be qualified for private showings.

WEST: New York City, USA
EAST: Taipei, Taiwan

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