The First Drop from Heaven

1ct Fancy Light Gray cushion cut Diamond on 18K White Gold setting.  The center elliptical elevated White Gold bezel is to resemble the shape of a mountain. ⁣ Centerpiece has stripes of black enamel interlaced with White Gold, as design motif of Nemes (Nemes were pieces of striped head-cloth worn by pharaohs in ancient Egypt). ⁣

EVE is made to showcase both the shade of a Fancy “Gray” diamond as well as the juxtaposition between the color black and white and the shape of the masculine square and feminine circle.

This piece is dual purpose both as a ring and detachable as a pendant of a necklace.

1.0ct Fancy Gray Diamonds
Round Brilliant Diamonds DE/VS
18K White Gold


Currently private showings are done once a year. Please contact us to be qualified for private showings.

WEST: New York City, USA
EAST: Taipei, Taiwan

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