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KOHN's Pledge


``From my own experience, I know so much can be done simply with the will of one person.
Now imagine how it will be when the will is multiplied in numbers.`` -KOHN

Hello, I am KOHN.  I am honored to have this privilege to use some of the finest materials in the world to make beautiful jewelry for you.

Our world is different now.  We now know very well in order to improve our own quality of life, we must put back into the world positively and consistently.  Our world is connected now, and we have the ability to effect to almost any corner of the world as we wish.

To wear something as beautiful and rare as diamonds and gold but at the same time, knowing that someone else is suffering without assistance creates unnecessary anxiety within ourselves.  Let us eliminate that negative feeling.  Let’s be as beautiful as we are, and do beautiful and wonderful things to improve the world in which we live.

When you purchase a piece of KOHN jewelry, you know for a fact at least 51% of profit will go towards the Healthcare system of the country where the jewelry piece is sold.  This is my pledge.  A majority of the profit made from your purchase will be used to save lives.

This percentage is not final.  Though it will not be reduced as I (we) are able, we will increase this percentage.

Moreover, a portion of the profit, will be donated to Educational and Trauma-relief charities which KOHN is associated with.  The images you are seeing are taken from Mustang, Nepal, one of the poorest areas of that country.  We are currently working to set up a Buddhist Elementary School in the area to help the local community to become self-sustaining.

Direct Donations

If you would like, you can visit the websites of the private and governmental organizations we support to make direct contributions.

ChengXie Bodhisattva Elementary School, Nepal

Sayalay Karuna, a Buddhist monastic of Theravada tradition is working to establish a self-sustaining elementary school in Mustang, Nepal.  This elementary school will accept the poorest children of the area as students, free of charge, and provide them with basic education in math, Nepalese, English, basic Buddhist (wisdom) teachings, as well as training the students to develop working skills to lead a virtuous and self-sustaining life.

Visit ChengXie Bodhisattva Elementary School, Nepal and make your donations to this cause.

Compassion Prison Project

How a person is nurtured directly affects his or her behaviors later on in life.  The Compassion Prison Project works to bring awareness with compassion into the US prison system to let those who have been affected by childhood trauma understand the root cause of their behaviors, rectify, and finally, heal.

Visit Compassion Prison Project and make your donations to this cause.

Taiwan National Healthcare System Special Account for Low Income Families

Although Taiwan has a complete universal healthcare system where its citizens and residents are fully covered, a special account within its Healthcare system is used to accept donations for assisting vulnerable citizens who are unable to pay health insurance-related arrears.

Visit Taiwan National Healthcare System Special Account for Low Income Families and make direction contribution to this cause.

Currently private showings are done once a year. Please contact us to be qualified for private showings.

WEST: New York City, USA
EAST: Taipei, Taiwan

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