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Existing customer can enjoy the special service of working with KOHN to create your own version of high jewelry.

The Memory Bracelet

The Memory Bracelet is a custom-made jewelry piece turned merchandise.  It was created for a customer in Malaysia who wanted to have a memento to remember her daughter that had decided to renounce the world to live as a Bhikkhunī (a fully ordained female Buddhist monastic).

Initially the initials were to be engraved on the Memory Bracelet, she had later decided to use simply as Mom & (her) Girl.

Based on the concept of “remembering” KOHN had decided to use a pear shape Rubellite as the center stone to symbolize Love.  The elliptical loops around the oval 18K centerpiece would represent the reoccurrence of memory.

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The world of high jewelry is no longer just about diamonds and gold.
With KOHN, it is about Diamonds and Gold with Meaning.
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Currently private showings are done once a year. Please contact us to be qualified for private showings.

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