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Your Journey Begins

Kohn High Jewelry

The time has come

for you to enter a whole new world of high jewelry. One that is not only sumptuous in craftsmanship, design, and the precious gemstones used, but filled with beauty and ideals.

At our House, 100% of profit is donated to the Healthcare system of the country from which the profit is made.

When a piece of KOHN is adorned, you show the world an impeccable taste for splendor and aspiration for good deeds, combined.

KOHN is the German variant of the Hebrew title Kohen, meaning “Priest.” The oldest Jewish family name in existence, KOHN indicates descent from the biblical priestly family of Aaron, the first high priest, elder brother of Moses.

Not just a name, KOHN is the promise to provide the world the finest diamonds and gemstones set on designs of immaculate intentions.

The time has come for you to embark on a new journey in the realm of the world’s finest high jewelry in design.  You are not reading this message by serendipity, it is time to acquire your unique piece of jewel by KOHN.

The KOHN Selection

Gems in Art

Each jewelry piece is originally designed using precious gemstones and diamonds selected by KOHN.

Our jewelry are created in pure, elevated ideals and handmade by our craftsmen in Taiwan.

The Regent FE

1ct Burmese Ruby selected by KOHN, Diamonds, made with 18K White Gold.

Avataṃsaka Sūtra

Our World was Born from the Heart

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For high jewelry made with rare,

Fancy Colored Diamonds and Precious Gemstones

Schedule a private viewing with KOHN to acquire.

Currently private showings are done once a year. Please contact us to be qualified for private showings.

WEST: New York City, USA
EAST: Taipei, Taiwan

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